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In The D.T.F Podcast, Sam Norton guides you through every facet of laughter in this comedic symposium. From joke structure to crowd psychology; from the subjectively funny to the historically humorous. Sam discusses comedy in microscopic detail and "Dissects The Frog" for your enjoyment

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J.A.T Ep.28
"Dr Steve Brule"

On this episode of "Just a Tad", Sam dives deep into a real odd-ball character that was birthed from the complex mind of John C Reilly, the one, the only, Dr. Steve Brule.
Dr. Brule, like his show "Check it out!", is surprising deep and flushed out. Not a serious character by any means but a deep, layered, complex character none the less. So enjoy it, ya dingus!

D.T.F Ep.11
"Out Of The Box"

On this episode of the DTF podcast Sam really just nerds out about two comedians he has had the privilege working "around" (done the same rooms). 
Modern day surrealist who push the boundaries of what comedy can conceptually be, Nick Vatterott and Reggie Watts are the Dali and Seurat of their generation. Listen as same sucks both of them of long and hard in this love letter of an episode.

J.A.T Ep.7
"Dave 'Prince' Chappelle"

On today's episode we pay tribute to the great American artist, Prince. He may have passed away into the next life but back in this one, his unique spirit still brings us pure entertainment.
Sam discusses the infamous Dave Chappelle sketch that was a personal favorite of the musical icon. He also talks about how and why Prince became such an influence on many different artists including himself.

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